Random CAPM 60

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Question 1


The Great Sound company, a consumer electronics manufacturer, has adopted a project development strategy of concurrent  engineering. Marketing, engineering, and production activities will occur simultaneously.

In the above sample scenario, what is a benefit of the concurrent engineering approach?

Question 2

One way that the graphical evaluation and review technique (GERT) differs from the program evaluation and review technique (PERT) is that it:

Question 3

A Network analysis technique that shows conditional and  probabilistic treatment of logical relationships is called:

Question 4

Mandatory prerequisite(s) for team building is (are):

Question 5

Scenario :

You are managing the development of highly controversial project. Today you called a team meeting and explained the project objectives to the team and several members stood up  and left citing philosophical objections to the project. You  chased them down the hall trying to convinced them to work to  the project and explained that you would use the best quality  management plan available for this work. One of the team  members stopped abruptly and demanded to know what the purpose of such plan would be.

You explained that the objective of any quality management plan is to

Question 6

All of the following assist in determining the impact of a scope change EXCEPT:

Question 7


Project justification and background
Scope and objectives of the project
Organizational relationships and responsibilities
Description of project managers‟ authority
Resources availability
High level project schedule and costs
Major milestones
Management approval

What project document may contain a table of contents similar to the sample list above?

Question 8


It is critical for your company to offer its products on the Internet to increase its market share. The company has no  previous experience in this area, but it believes that  knowledge is needed rapidly. As you have shown an interest  in the Internet, you are asked to start planning for this  project.

What is the FIRST step to take as you begin planning?

Question 9

A KEY activity for achieving customer satisfaction is to define:

Question 10

Communication is the prime responsibility of a project:

Question 11

The main difference between the two types (ADM and PDM) of the critical path method (CPM) of scheduling

Question 12

What is a sunk cost?

Question 13

A precise description of a deliverable is called a:

Question 14

The cost performance index (CPI) in earned value reporting is:

Question 15

Which of the following strategies reflect good stakeholder management?

Question 16

The major processes of project communications management are:

Question 17

An important part of the staffing plan addresses how personnel will be released when no longer needed on the project. This is important because it:

Question 18

Due to cuts in funding, your project has been terminated. The scope verification process:

Question 19

Effective stakeholder management includes all of the following  project elements EXCEPT:

Question 20

Cost control is concerned with:

Question 21

Scenario :

Sam is going to start a report writing task on Monday and finish the task the following Friday. Sam will work on the report for two hours each day.

In the sample above, what Is the duration of this task?

Question 22

The decomposition process is a technique used to construct a:

Question 23


Activity           Duration             Predecessor
A                          5                               -
B                         10                              A
C                           5                              A
D                         15                              B
E                          10                             B
F                           5                              C
G                           5                               F
H                          10                          D,E,G

Based on the table above, what is the critical path for the project

Question 24


A project manager is notified that one of the key personnel on his team has been hospitalized after falling down a  mountain while skiing. The project manager had not made  any contingency plans for staff absences, so his next action is to contact Human Resources to identify potential  replacements. Fortunately, a replacement is found from
another project.

In the sample scenario above, what risk response strategy has been implemented?

Question 25

In the earned value system, cost variance is computed as:

Question 26

Estimators for a project report that the most optimistic time they feel that a task can be completed is five days, the longest that they feel the task will take is fifteen days, the most likely time the task will take is ten days, the average time for completing the task, based on past experience is eight days. Using the PERT concept, calculate the expected duration of the task.

Question 27

Of the following conflict management approaches, which is believed to lead to the LEAST enduring positive results?

Question 28


John Jones hired the ABC Construction Company to build a new office building. The contract is a cost-plus percentage of costs Contract. Estimated costs are $3,000,000 and the estimated total price is $3,300,000. ABC recently completed the building and the associated costs were $4,000,000.

In the above scenario, what is the total price of this building which will be paid by John Jones?

Question 29

Risk quantification includes:

Question 30


Company XYZ has a fixed price contract to produce 10,000 widgets for a price of $100,000. An invoice will not be generated until all widgets are completed. The budgeted cost of manufacturing the widgets is $9 per widget. All widgets were to be completed by today. Unfortunately, the project is behind schedule, and only 9,000 widgets have been completed. Actual manufacturing costs to date are $90,000. The project manager must report an updated profit loss projection.

In the above scenario, what is the updated profit/loss projection?.Losses are projected as a negative number.

Question 31


Susan is assigned the following project which is comprised of three tasks. These tasks are not dependent on each other and all tasks are equal priority. The effort, duration, and percentage time Susan will devote to the tasks are listed below. Susan decides to level her effort to avoid working more than eight hours per day.
Task Effort Duration Time
Review Background Materials 2 days 2 days 100%
Interview Clients 1 day 4 days 25%
Setup Project Directory I day I day 100%

In the sample scenario above, what are the total number of days for this project after Susan levels her effort?

Question 32


Item      PV (BCWS)          AC (ACWP)           EV (BCWP)

1                10,000                   11,000                      10,000
2                 9,000                    8,000                       7,000
3                 8,000                    8,000                       8,000
4                 7,000                    7,000                       5,000
5                 6,000                    9,000                       6,000

Which item is furthest over budget?

Question 33

The three principle interests in maintaining good document control are:

Question 34

Analogous estimating is also called:

Question 35


Item     PV (BCWS)          AC (ACWP)           EV (BCWP)

1                10,000                   11,000                      10,000
2                 9,000                    8,000                       7,000
3                 8,000                    8,000                       8,000
4                 7,000                    7,000                       5,000
5                 6,000                    9,000                       6,000

Which item has the lowest SPI?

Question 36

A project management professional can compare earned value performance data to all of the following project management tools EXCEPT:

Question 37

Conflict resolution techniques that may be used on a project include:

Question 38


A task was originally estimated to require 100 hours effort. 80 hours have been spent and the person assigned to the task estimates 80  additional hours will be required to complete the task.

In the sample above, what is the calculated percent complete for this task?

Question 39

An order of magnitude estimate should give the manager an approximate accuracy of:

Question 40

A change control board (CCB) is:

Question 41

The free float of activity F is

Question 42

For a large, complex project ______ is best for handling cross functional project needs.

Question 43

Resource leveling of a project schedule:

Question 44

Project sponsors have the GREATEST influence on the scope, quality, time, and cost of the project during the:

Question 45

Resource planning must include consideration of the use of:

Question 46

When it appears that a design error will interfere with meeting  technical performance objectives, the PREFERRED response is to:

Question 47


Activity           Duration             Predecessor
A                          5                               -
B                         10                              A
C                           5                              A
D                         15                              B
E                          10                             B
F                           5                              C
G                           5                               F
H                          10                          D,E,G

If all activities will be on schedule, what is the maximum delay of activities E that will not affect the total project schedule?


Question 48

A “tight matrix” is an organizational option:

Question 49

If activity E delay for 2 days and all other activities are assumed to be on schedule, what will be the impact to the total project schedule?

Question 50

Fast tracking in time management is:

Question 51

Reviewing work products and results to ensure that all were  completed satisfactorily and formally accepted is part of:

Question 52

The time phased budget that reflects the actual expenditures rather than the consumption of a resource that will be used to measure and monitor cost performance on a project is the:

Question 53

The project schedule is useful in the generation of many important documents during the lifespan of the project. Of the following, which is/are not generated by the schedule?

Question 54

The objective of fast tracking a project is to:

Question 55

Negotiating across international cultures involves mutual interdependence between parties. The negotiating MUST be conducted in

Question 56

The Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) method of scheduling differs from the Critical Path Method (CPM) because the PERT method:

Question 57

Ideally, communication between the project manager and the project team members should take place:

Question 58

Earned value is:

Question 59

In which project phase do you have the GREATEST influence on project risk?

Question 60

In the sample scenario above, what type of communications report may best communicate the staff loading