Random CAPM 60

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Question 1

Ideally, communication between the project manager and the project team members should take place:

Question 2

Effective stakeholder management includes all of the following  project elements EXCEPT:

Question 3

Estimators for a project report that the most optimistic time they feel that a task can be completed is five days, the longest that they feel the task will take is fifteen days, the most likely time the task will take is ten days, the average time for completing the task, based on past experience is eight days. Using the PERT concept, calculate the expected duration of the task.

Question 4

The Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) method of scheduling differs from the Critical Path Method (CPM) because the PERT method:

Question 5

The objective of fast tracking a project is to:

Question 6

All of the following assist in determining the impact of a scope change EXCEPT:

Question 7

Human resource administration is the prime responsibility of the:

Question 8

Resource planning must include consideration of the use of:

Question 9

Which of the following strategies reflect good stakeholder management?

Question 10

An individual's willingness to take a risk can be determined by:

Question 11

Constructive team roles include:

Question 12

During the project scope planning process, the work breakdown structure should be developed to:

Question 13

For a large, complex project ______ is best for handling cross functional project needs.

Question 14

The decomposition process is a technique used to construct a:

Question 15

What is a category or rank given to entities having the same functional use but different requirements for quality?

Question 16

A parametric cost estimate:

Question 17

Collocation can mean:

Question 18

Reviewing work products and results to ensure that all were  completed satisfactorily and formally accepted is part of:

Question 19

To decrease the total project duration for the least cost is called:

Question 20

SCENARIO : In a manufacturing project the following data were collected:

Total number of units 12,000
planned price per unit $.60
actual price per unit $.58
actual cost per unit $.37
planned cost per unit $.42

What is the total cost variance of the project?

Question 21

“Earned value” can best be defined as:

Question 22

The critical path in any schedule:

Question 23

Parametric cost estimating involves:

Question 24

Present value is the calculation of:

Question 25

In the sample scenario above, what type of communications report may best communicate the staff loading

Question 26

The schedule should be “re-baselined” when:

Question 27


A specifications document was sent to the client representative two weeks ago for review and approval. The planned due date for approval or request for revisions was yesterday, and no comments or approvals were received from the client. The client representative is aware of the due date, as he approved the project plan.

In the sample scenario above, what client management strategy should the project manager use?

Question 28

During the contract close-out, the project manager needs to document the:

Question 29


The East Coast division invests $50,000 in a project that  generates a return of $56,000 in a year. They could have invested in another project which would have generated a return of  $60,000.

By investing in the first project they have effectively lost $4,000. This is considered -

Question 30


Activity           Duration             Predecessor
A                          5                               -
B                         10                              A
C                           5                              A
D                         15                              B
E                          10                             B
F                           5                              C
G                           5                               F
H                          10                          D,E,G

If all activities will be on schedule, what is the maximum delay of activities E that will not affect the total project schedule?


Question 31

Mandatory prerequisite(s) for team building is (are):

Question 32

The subprocesses of a project are linked by one subprocess providing an output that feeds one or more subprocesses as an input. Thus, subprocess are defined by PMI as  having an input,________,, and an output.

Question 33

Characteristics of a good project manager include all of the following except :

Question 34

Life cycle costing:

Question 35

A project management professional can compare earned value performance data to all of the following project management tools EXCEPT:

Question 36

The earned value report EV (BCWP) at the end of the project:

Question 37

A network analysis technique that allows for conditional and probabilistic treatment of logical relationships is know as:

Question 38

Elements of changing a project schedule include all of the following EXCEPT:

Question 39

Planning a project is a process that develops products such as a schedule. This process produces the following for a schedule:

Question 40

If the PV (BCWS) was 80,000, the EV (BCWP) was 75,000, and the AC (ACWP) was 71,000, what is the cost variance?

Question 41

Network diagrams are good for depicting:

Question 42

Risk response development is intended to:

Question 43

The “precedence diagramming method” provides project managers with knowledge of:

Question 44

An important part of the staffing plan addresses how personnel will be released when no longer needed on the project. This is important because it:

Question 45

Analogous estimating:

Question 46

Which of the following are considered to be milestones?

Question 47

Cost estimates may be expressed in:

Question 48

What is a common complaint of project manager regarding their project sponsors?

Question 49

A scope statement is important because it:

Question 50

As of the data date, your project schedule has a BCWS of 100. The BCWP, however, is  90. This tells you that your project is currently 10 percent:

Question 51

You've been engaged to manage a project. The estimated cost of the project is $1,000,000. The project sponsor has approved this amount. Your earned value calculations indicate that the project will be completed on time and under budget by $200,000. Based on this calculation, your personal profit will decrease by $2,000.

Given the estimated decrease in personal profit, what action should you take?

Question 52

Which of the following strategies will be most helpful in developing a good client relationship?

Question 53


Company XYZ has a fixed price contract to produce 10,000 widgets for a price of $100,000. An invoice will not be generated until all widgets are completed. The budgeted cost of manufacturing the widgets is $9 per widget. All widgets were to be completed by today. Unfortunately, the project is behind schedule, and only 9,000 widgets have been completed. Actual manufacturing costs to date are $90,000. The project manager must report an updated profit loss projection.

In the above scenario, what is the updated profit/loss projection?.Losses are projected as a negative number.

Question 54

A process is a series of actions to bring about a result. In a project, the five basic process groups (PG) are:

Question 55

Earned value is:

Question 56

A KEY activity for achieving customer satisfaction is to define:

Question 57

Configuration management is any documented procedure used to apply technical administrative direction and surveillance to:

Question 58

Estimate at completion (EAC) may be computed as:

Question 59


A general contractor has been asked to provide an estimated cost for a project to build a four bedroom colonial. The contractor has  recently built similar houses in the selected neighborhood. The  potential buyers would like a “ballpark‟ estimate before they  proceed with detailed planning.

In the sample scenario above, what estimating method is the general contractor most likely to use?

Question 60

Which of the following choices would indicate that your project was 10 percent under budget?