Random CAPM 60

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Question 1


A Project manager reads that a vendor he intended to use for a project has declared bankruptcy. He decides that the risk of the vendor going out of business before the end of the project is significant, and decide to use another vendor.

In the sample scenario above, what risk strategy is the project manager using in managing the risk of the initial vendor going out of business ?

Question 2

The project schedule is not used to determine:

Question 3

What is an example of a product with high quality but low grade?

Question 4


Project justification and background
Scope and objectives of the project
Organizational relationships and responsibilities
Description of project managers‟ authority
Resources availability
High level project schedule and costs
Major milestones
Management approval

What project document may contain a table of contents similar to the sample list above?

Question 5

As a project manager, you know that the most important activity to ensure stakeholder satisfaction is

Question 6

The objective of fast tracking a project is to:

Question 7

Which of the following choices would indicate that your project was 10 percent under budget?

Question 8

The main difference between the two types (ADM and PDM) of the critical path method (CPM) of scheduling

Question 9

A Gantt chart is useful in determining:

Question 10

Due to cuts in funding, your project has been terminated. The scope verification process:

Question 11


Item     PV (BCWS)          AC (ACWP)           EV (BCWP)

1                10,000                   11,000                      10,000
2                 9,000                    8,000                       7,000
3                 8,000                    8,000                       8,000
4                 7,000                    7,000                       5,000
5                 6,000                    9,000                       6,000

Which item has the lowest SPI?

Question 12

The purpose of a dummy activity in activity-on-arrow diagramming is to:

Question 13

In order to determine the project‟s estimate at completion (EAC), which of the following information would be needed?

Question 14

When assigning tasks to team members, which of the following strategies are appropriate?

Question 15

A project's payback period ends when:

Question 16

A project schedule completion date will change if:

Question 17

Which of the following is not a function of cost control?

Question 18

A project was estimated to cost $1.5 million and scheduled to last six months. After three months, the earned value analysis shows the following:
BCWP = $650,000 BCWS = $750,000 ACWP = $800,000
What are the schedule and cost variances?

Question 19


Sam is a project manager and has observed during team meetings that one of the senior technical team members, Sue, frequently belittles the ideas of Tom, a more junior technical staff member. Tom has stopped contributing ideas during the meetings. Sue is generally congenial with other members of the team.

In the sample scenario above, what action should Sam take?

Question 20

As a project manager you are responsible for maintaining and ensuring integrity of all of the following except:

Question 21

In which project phase do you have the GREATEST influence on project risk?

Question 22


A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge defines a risk symptom as an indirect manifestation of an actual risk event.

Using the sample definition above, which of the following conditions are risk symptoms

Question 23

A generally accepted method to confirm accuracy of task progress is through:

Question 24

The time phased budget that will be used to measure and monitor cost performance on a project is the:

Question 25

Collocation can mean:

Question 26

A method that is used to evaluate projects based on a comparison of their income and monies expended is:

Question 27

You are the project manager and responsible for quality audit. You have been accused for being a fanatic because of your practice of conducting not one, but multiple, quality audit on a project. Which one of the following types of audits is not an example of a quality audit?

Question 28

Which of the following statements correctly identifies the relationship between the contracts manager (i.e., procurement specialist) and the project manager?

Question 29

If PV (BCWS) = 100, EV (BCWP) = 98, and AC (ACWP) = 104, the project is:

Question 30

The earned value report EV (BCWP) at the end of the project:

Question 31

In the estimating process, as the accuracy of the estimate increases:

Question 32

Effective stakeholder management includes all of the following  project elements EXCEPT:

Question 33

A scope statement is important because it:

Question 34

The major processes of project communications management are:

Question 35

Risk quantification includes:

Question 36

Reviewing work products and results to ensure that all were  completed satisfactorily and formally accepted is part of:

Question 37


It is critical for your company to offer its products on the Internet to increase its market share. The company has no  previous experience in this area, but it believes that  knowledge is needed rapidly. As you have shown an interest  in the Internet, you are asked to start planning for this  project.

What is the FIRST step to take as you begin planning?

Question 38

Configuration management is a technique for:

Question 39

Analogous estimating:

Question 40

A project management professional can compare earned value performance data to all of the following project management tools EXCEPT:

Question 41

A communication plan:

Question 42

Which of the following activities is usually NOT an appropriate strategy for staffing a project?

Question 43


The Great Sound company, a consumer electronics manufacturer, has adopted a project development strategy of concurrent  engineering. Marketing, engineering, and production activities will occur simultaneously.

In the above sample scenario, what is a benefit of the concurrent engineering approach?

Question 44

Project cost management includes all of the following functions except:

Question 45

Mandatory prerequisite(s) for team building is (are):

Question 46

Which of the following is not a necessary input to cost budgeting?

Question 47

An order of magnitude estimate should give the manager an approximate accuracy of:

Question 48

Ideally, communication between the project manager and the project team members should take place:

Question 49


A project manager must decide whether to purchase a $1 5,000 tool to improve the productivity of her six person team. She guesses that the likelihood of a 10% productivity gain for the six month project duration is 50%. The probability of a 5% in productivity is also 50%. The average team member cost is  $80,000 per year.

In the sample scenario above, what is the expected monetary value of purchasing the tool?

Question 50

During the sixth monthly update on a ten-month, $30,000 project, the analysis shows that the PV (BCWS) is $20,000 and the AC (ACWP) is $10,000. The EV (BCWP) is also determined to be $15,000. What can be determined by these figures?

Question 51

Which of the following choices would be an acceptable cause for rebaselining” a $10 million project?

Question 52

The output from resource planning includes:

Question 53

Two of the types of discretionary dependencies that typically have an effect on the sequencing of the activities in the schedule are those containing “hard logic” and  those containing “soft logic.” A example of a “soft logic” dependency would be:

Question 54

During the project scope planning process, the work breakdown structure should be developed to:

Question 55

The disorientation experienced by people who suddenly find themselves living and working in a different environment is known as:

Question 56

Project sponsors have the GREATEST influence on the scope, quality, time, and cost of the project during the:

Question 57

The Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) method of scheduling differs from the Critical Path Method (CPM) because the PERT method:

Question 58

Of the following four major processes contained in project cost management, which of the following choices would be concerned with the cost baseline?

Question 59

Network diagrams are good for depicting:

Question 60

What is a common complaint regarding iterative development methodologies, e.g., building a system through cyclical iterations?