Random CAPM 60

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Question 1

The project manager‟s leadership style should be matched to the corresponding developmental level of the project team and should move through successive steps in the following order:

Question 2

Of the following conflict management approaches, which is believed to lead to the LEAST enduring positive results?

Question 3

Which of the following choices would indicate that your project was 10 percent under budget?

Question 4


The Excel Company has decided to allocate all overhead costs to projects based on the number of employees assigned to the project. Part time assignments will be prorated. The company currently has an annualized overhead cost of $1 million and there are 500 employees involved in projects.

In the sample scenario above, if a project has 50 full time employees assigned for six months, what is the overhead cost the project must bear?

Question 5

As a project manager you are responsible for maintaining and ensuring integrity of all of the following except:

Question 6

Effective stakeholder management includes all of the following  project elements EXCEPT:

Question 7

In a schedule, which of the following is not an allowed logical dependency?

Question 8


Item      PV (BCWS)          AC (ACWP)           EV (BCWP)

1                10,000                   11,000                      10,000
2                 9,000                    8,000                       7,000
3                 8,000                    8,000                       8,000
4                 7,000                    7,000                       5,000
5                 6,000                    9,000                       6,000

Which item is furthest over budget?

Question 9

A precise description of a deliverable is called a:

Question 10

If the PV (BCWS) was 80,000, the EV (BCWP) was 75,000, and the AC (ACWP) was 71,000, what is the schedule variance?

Question 11

A method that is used to evaluate projects based on a comparison of their income and monies expended is:

Question 12

A controlling process is necessary in project management to ensure planned actions are executed and measured for progress. The controlling process for the schedule typically will focus on:

Question 13

In order to determine the project‟s estimate at completion (EAC), which of the following information would be needed?

Question 14

Estimate at completion (EAC) may be computed as:

Question 15

When it appears that a design error will interfere with meeting  technical performance objectives, the PREFERRED response is to:

Question 16

Due to cuts in funding, your project has been terminated. The scope verification process:

Question 17

Scenario :

Sam is going to start a report writing task on Monday and finish the task the following Friday. Sam will work on the report for two hours each day.

In the sample above, what Is the duration of this task?

Question 18

A project's payback period ends when:

Question 19


A specifications document was sent to the client representative two weeks ago for review and approval. The planned due date for approval or request for revisions was yesterday, and no comments or approvals were received from the client. The client representative is aware of the due date, as he approved the project plan.

In the sample scenario above, what client management strategy should the project manager use?

Question 20

The earned value report EV (BCWP) at the end of the project:

Question 21

In which project phase do you have the GREATEST influence on project risk?

Question 22

To effectively manage communications within the project team, the project manager should:

Question 23


A construction manager is estimating the amount of time to frame a house. The optimistic estimate is five days, the pessimistic  estimate is 17 days, and the realistic estimate is eight days.

In the sample scenario above, what estimate would the construction manager use if she is using the PERT based estimating method?

Question 24

Of the following, which is not considered to be an accelerated depreciation method?

Question 25

To decrease the total project duration for the least cost is called:

Question 26

A KEY activity for achieving customer satisfaction is to define:

Question 27


Judy is remodeling her kitchen. When her cabinets are completed the counter tops can be installed.

In the sample scenario above, what type of dependency exists  between cabinet completion and counter top installation?

Question 28

Of the following four major processes contained in project cost management, which of the following choices would be concerned with the cost baseline?

Question 29

The free float of activity F is

Question 30


Activity           Duration             Predecessor
A                          5                               -
B                         10                              A
C                           5                              A
D                         15                              B
E                          10                             B
F                           5                              C
G                           5                               F
H                          10                          D,E,G

If all activities will be on schedule, what is the maximum delay of activities E that will not affect the total project schedule?


Question 31

What is a sunk cost?

Question 32

Which of the following activities is usually NOT an appropriate strategy for staffing a project?

Question 33


A project manager has been assigned a project in progress because the original project manager resigned. In looking at the project plan, it is clear that the implementation currently scheduled for two weeks from today will not be met, as major pieces of the project are still under development. An E-mail received from the client indicates that he is unaware of the pending delay, as he is requesting confirmation of the travel schedules for the users coming in for training on the to be implemented system. The project manager‟s supervisor

In the above sample scenario, what is the FIRST action the project manager should perform?

Question 34

When assigning tasks to team members, which of the following strategies are appropriate?

Question 35

The disorientation experienced by people who suddenly find themselves living and working in a different environment is known as:

Question 36

In the estimating process, as the accuracy of the estimate increases:

Question 37

The “fast tracking” method of schedule compression, which is  frequently used on projects today, usually involves:

Question 38

The subprocesses of a project are linked by one subprocess providing an output that feeds one or more subprocesses as an input. Thus, subprocess are defined by PMI as  having an input,________,, and an output.

Question 39

Ideally, communication between the project manager and the project team members should take place:

Question 40

You've been engaged to manage a project. The estimated cost of the project is $1,000,000. The project sponsor has approved this amount. Your earned value calculations indicate that the project will be completed on time and under budget by $200,000. Based on this calculation, your personal profit will decrease by $2,000.

Given the estimated decrease in personal profit, what action should you take?

Question 41

Which of the following statements would be most likely to be associated with a compromise style of conflict resolution?

Question 42

Which of the following are frequently used tools in procurement  planning?

Question 43

Planning a project is a process that develops products such as a schedule. This process produces the following for a schedule:

Question 44


Sam is a project manager and has observed during team meetings that one of the senior technical team members, Sue, frequently belittles the ideas of Tom, a more junior technical staff member. Tom has stopped contributing ideas during the meetings. Sue is generally congenial with other members of the team.

In the sample scenario above, what action should Sam take?

Question 45

Risk response development is intended to:

Question 46

Cost control is concerned with:

Question 47

If activity E delay for 2 days and all other activities are assumed to be on schedule, what will be the impact to the total project schedule?

Question 48

Estimators for a project report that the most optimistic time they feel that a task can be completed is five days, the longest that they feel the task will take is fifteen days, the most likely time the task will take is ten days, the average time for completing the task, based on past experience is eight days. Using the PERT concept, calculate the expected duration of the task.

Question 49


A task was originally estimated to require 100 hours effort. 80 hours have been spent and the person assigned to the task estimates 80  additional hours will be required to complete the task.

In the sample above, what is the calculated percent complete for this task?

Question 50

The cost performance index (CPI) in earned value reporting is:

Question 51

Network diagrams are good for depicting:

Question 52

Which of the following choices would be an acceptable cause for rebaselining” a $10 million project?

Question 53


Project justification and background
Scope and objectives of the project
Organizational relationships and responsibilities
Description of project managers‟ authority
Resources availability
High level project schedule and costs
Major milestones
Management approval

What project document may contain a table of contents similar to the sample list above?

Question 54

Two of the types of discretionary dependencies that typically have an effect on the sequencing of the activities in the schedule are those containing “hard logic” and  those containing “soft logic.” A example of a “soft logic” dependency would be:

Question 55

What is a common complaint of project manager regarding their project sponsors?

Question 56

Mandatory prerequisite(s) for team building is (are):

Question 57

A communication plan:

Question 58

The major processes of project communications management are:

Question 59

Configuration management is a technique for:

Question 60

Pareto analysis, cause and effect, and flow charts are all tools used in quality: