Random CAPM 60

This quiz will submit in:

Question 1


A task was originally estimated to require 100 hours effort. 80 hours have been spent and the person assigned to the task estimates 80  additional hours will be required to complete the task.

In the sample above, what is the calculated percent complete for this task?

Question 2

Which of the following are considered to be milestones?

Question 3

As of the data date, your project schedule has a BCWS of 100. The BCWP, however, is  90. This tells you that your project is currently 10 percent:

Question 4

All of the following assist in determining the impact of a scope change EXCEPT:

Question 5

Due to cuts in funding, your project has been terminated. The scope verification process:

Question 6

If team members are more technically skilled than the project manager, what actions should the project manager take?

Question 7

You have just taken control of a project in the middle of execution and need to learn who has approval authority for revisions in scope.  Which document provides this information?

Question 8

Reviewing work products and results to ensure that all were  completed satisfactorily and formally accepted is part of:

Question 9

The purpose of a dummy activity in activity-on-arrow diagramming is to:

Question 10

A process is a series of actions to bring about a result. In a project, the five basic process groups (PG) are:

Question 11

Scenario :

The Delphi technique is a risk identification method used by project  managers to poll expert advice.

In the above sample scenario, what is a key characteristic of the Delphi technique ?

Question 12

A change control board (CCB) is:

Question 13

When a project manager places a purchase order for a piece of equipment, it represents which of the following?

Question 14

Cost estimates include all of the following resource categories except:

Question 15

Analogous estimating:

Question 16

Of the following, which is not considered to be an accelerated depreciation method?

Question 17

The project manager is critical to project communication because:

Question 18

When assigning tasks to team members, which of the following strategies are appropriate?

Question 19

The subprocesses of a project are linked by one subprocess providing an output that feeds one or more subprocesses as an input. Thus, subprocess are defined by PMI as  having an input,________,, and an output.

Question 20

Analogous estimating is also called:

Question 21

“Earned value” can best be defined as:

Question 22


A project manager must decide whether to purchase a $1 5,000 tool to improve the productivity of her six person team. She guesses that the likelihood of a 10% productivity gain for the six month project duration is 50%. The probability of a 5% in productivity is also 50%. The average team member cost is  $80,000 per year.

In the sample scenario above, what is the expected monetary value of purchasing the tool?

Question 23

You are the project manager and responsible for quality audit. You have been accused for being a fanatic because of your practice of conducting not one, but multiple, quality audit on a project. Which one of the following types of audits is not an example of a quality audit?

Question 24


John Jones hired the ABC Construction Company to build a new office building. The contract is a cost-plus percentage of costs Contract. Estimated costs are $3,000,000 and the estimated total price is $3,300,000. ABC recently completed the building and the associated costs were $4,000,000.

In the above scenario, what is the total price of this building which will be paid by John Jones?

Question 25

Which of the following statements would be most likely to be associated with a compromise style of conflict resolution?

Question 26

A KEY activity for achieving customer satisfaction is to define:

Question 27

Scope change control MUST be integrated with all of the following control processes EXCEPT:

Question 28

Estimate at completion (EAC) may be computed as:

Question 29

Project sponsors have the GREATEST influence on the scope, quality, time, and cost of the project during the:

Question 30

Risk response development is intended to:

Question 31

A network analysis technique that allows for conditional and probabilistic treatment of logical relationships is know as:

Question 32

Most project managers spend about _________ of their work time engaged is some form of communications.

Question 33

Project cost management includes all of the following functions except:

Question 34


Sally Woo is the project manager of a fixed price project  nearing completion. The project has been less profitable than  planned, but has not lost money. Team members worked 10- 20 hours of compensated overtime per week during the past month to  complete the effort.

In the above sample scenario, what is an appropriate project close-down activity?

Question 35

The overall duration of the project schedule is not influenced by:

Question 36

In which activity or activities, the delay will definitely delaying project schedule?

Question 37

Planning a project is a process that develops products such as a schedule. This process produces the following for a schedule:

Question 38

Risk quantification includes:

Question 39

If PV (BCWS) = 100, EV (BCWP) = 98, and AC (ACWP) = 104, the project is:

Question 40


A general contractor has been asked to provide an estimated cost for a project to build a four bedroom colonial. The contractor has  recently built similar houses in the selected neighborhood. The  potential buyers would like a “ballpark‟ estimate before they  proceed with detailed planning.

In the sample scenario above, what estimating method is the general contractor most likely to use?

Question 41

Resource planning must include consideration of the use of:

Question 42

What is the difference between the project plan and the performance measurement baseline?

Question 43

What is a sunk cost?

Question 44

The main difference between the two types (ADM and PDM) of the critical path method (CPM) of scheduling

Question 45

A project was estimated to cost $1.5 million and scheduled to last six months. After three months, the earned value analysis shows the following:
BCWP = $650,000 BCWS = $750,000 ACWP = $800,000
What are the schedule and cost variances?

Question 46


Item     PV (BCWS)          AC (ACWP)           EV (BCWP)

1                10,000                   11,000                      10,000
2                 9,000                    8,000                       7,000
3                 8,000                    8,000                       8,000
4                 7,000                    7,000                       5,000
5                 6,000                    9,000                       6,000

Which item has the lowest SPI?

Question 47

Elements of changing a project schedule include all of the following EXCEPT:

Question 48

If seven people are intimately involved in the same task and must frequently communicate with each other, how many lines of  communication are there?

Question 49

Configuration management is a technique for:

Question 50

Fast tracking in time management is:

Question 51

In network diagramming, a loop means

Question 52

What is an example of a product with high quality but low grade?

Question 53

The measure used to forecast project cost at completion is:

Question 54


Sam Johnson is a project manager developing a new sales process for The Magic Games Company. Joe Stevens is the client representative assigned full time to the team to provide guidance regarding requirements and ongoing functional knowledge. Sam has observed that Joe spends much of each morning reading the paper, and usually takes a three hour lunch break. The other team members are starting to complain that they are not getting the information they need to develop the process.

In the sample scenario above, what action should Sam take?

Question 55

A precise description of a deliverable is called a:

Question 56

What is a common complaint regarding iterative development methodologies, e.g., building a system through cyclical iterations?

Question 57

To decrease the total project duration for the least cost is called:

Question 58

In the earned value system, cost variance is computed as:

Question 59

A Gantt chart is useful in determining:

Question 60

A controlling process is necessary in project management to ensure planned actions are executed and measured for progress. The controlling process for the schedule typically will focus on: